What Can We Do For You?

Sport Science Agency tells performance stories via it’s expertise and experience of the sport science and marketing worlds.

We use the science of sport, exercise, and activity to support brands, broadcasters, rights holders and athletes to create great engagement with their fans.

We educate people about their heroes, teach them more about themselves and help them understand some of the most fascinating areas of modern sport and lifestyle. These ‘marginal gains’ activities are what will excite your audience and draw them to you - rather than your competitors.

Any brand involved in sport, health, activity and lifestyle could use science as part of its engagement strategy. Sport Science Agency is able to create programmes that are customised to clients objectives.

Sport science provides a number of touch points for fans. We can use your talent or assets to create content or develop programmes and activities that pull your audience closer by supporting their exercise, health and challenge goals. 

Next generation activation

Many traditional sponsorship activations fail to maximise their potential because they don’t offer the insight or support to draw fans closer to their heroes. By using the latest sports science technology, we are able to create deeper and more meaningful relationships by demonstrating the skills attributes and athletic conditioning involved at the top of their favourite sports.

'Be the Athlete' experiences

As demand for challenge event participation and insight into elite sport grows, sponsors need to reach their audiences in a meaningful way.

Sport Science Agency believes ‘Be the Athlete’ experiences are part of the answer. We give fans the opportunity to experience the same support and testing as the pro’s.  We put the participant at the heart of a genuine sporting experiences instead of looking on from the stands.

Expert insight and appearances

‘Marginal gains’ has become a term many sports fans are familiar with. Our experts operate at the cutting edge of sport science, developing the ‘marginal gains’ that have become sort after at all levels of sport, health and fitness. While ex pro’s and commentators offer ‘what we used to do’ stories and opinion, our experts offer the latest advice, expertise and insight.

Scientific credibility and insight

Audiences are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to sports equipment and products across the health and fitness industries. Traditional endorsements are no longer enough. 

Fans want to understand what equipment, clothing, nutrition and training athletes use and critically, how it can help their own performance? Sport Science Agency can highlight the benefits of products or programmes via scientifically credible content from our experts and facilities.